Dog Daycare


We have specially structured an indoor/outdoor facility as we look forward to a calm, happy and peaceful daycare experience for your dog. This daycare will help your pup exercise, get mental stimulation and socialization with our experienced trained staff and other dogs – if appropriate. Throughout the day your pup will be given attention, love and treats. Your dog is only one behavior evaluation away from all this fun!   

Dog Boarding


Dogs who qualify to be overnight guests are in for a wonderful experience. Not only do they get to play with their buddies all day, but when the sun goes down we bring them into our large play area where they are individually fed as per your instructions. Your pet will get some fresh air and have fun in our large outdoor play yards, however they will be walked twice a day to provide further exercise. Our dog boarding is a cage free home like stay.

Dog Walking


We know you have a busy schedule but want your pet to have his or her daily walks. We can help! Our dog walkers are specially trained and don't walk more than 4 dogs at a time. If your pet has special needs we will accommodate and can walk him or her separately. We believe that regular dog walks are important for weight control, stimulation and quality of life which is why we walk for 40 minutes and will send you a brief note after the walk telling you how it went. We practice good manners and leash-walking skills. Walkers refill water bowls after walks and offer post- walk treats. Walkers can also feeed a meal if requested. On rainy days, walkers will wipe your dog's paws/body after walk. *We never leave dogs tied up outside*

Dog Grooming


Our experienced groomer will take care of your pup’s grooming needs. Your dog will never sit in a cage waiting for their appointment. They can be dropped off, play, play, play until they’re pooped, get groomed and beautiful, play some more and then go home. If you need to pick your pup up late, they can lounge with the groomer until you arrive, so that your pup stays beautiful. For dog grooming services, we require proof of current vaccinations. Other than full grooming service, for dogs who will be staying for daycare or boarding, we offer doggie baths with the best doggie beauty products to keep your champ looking sleek and smelling fresh because after all that frolicking and playing your pup may get a little bit dusty. 

Cat Grooming


We provide cat grooming services too. Our basic cat grooming includes bathing, lion cut shave, nail trimming, ear cleaning, trimming hairs between paw pads. We also applies soft paws to cat nails - you can either bring your own or can use the ones from us. 

Pick-up / Drop-off


Running late for work? Subway delays? We have a solution…we can pick up or drop off your pet for in-store services.   


Pet Sitting

When you can’t be home for your pets Lickers n’ Sniffers has you covered. We design each visit to accommodate your pet’s specific needs with care and attention. Included in this service the pet sitter will stay at your home with your pet, take care of feeding, walking and administering medication. We will also send you daily updates on how your pet is doing.      


Cat Sitting

We will come to your home and spend 45 minutes with your feline friend. During this time we will feed them, change their water bowls, clean their litterbox and play with them.



We offer cat boarding at our Park Slope location in special cat room . We know that cats prefer a slightly quieter environment so, we have a special space dedicated just for them! Our peaceful and private cat condos are designed specifically for cat boarding.  Cats are boarded individually in comfy enclosures with bedding, toys, food, water bowls and a litter box. Our condos can be opened up to create spaces large enough for multiple cat families. Our team check in on the cats multiple times throughout the day, cleaning litter boxes and interacting with the kitties. 



We also do pet sitting for guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, rats, reptiles and fish for cleaning, feeding and handling



We do arrange parties at our locations for pup's birthday's, adoptions etc. Parties can be arranged only on weekends (Sat and Sun) with at least 15 day notice.